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The QualSec cryptography and computer security group (formerly known as the Service de Cryptographie et Sécurité Informatique - SCSI) is a research lab of the Computer Sciences Department of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The researches undertaken in the lab are dedicated to the design and analysis of cryptographic protocols and to the cryptanalysis of …



Permanent staff Yves Roggeman Olivier Markowitch Researchers Helena Bruyninckx Jérôme Dossogne François Gerard Suman Bala Veronika Kuchta Frederic Lafitte Liran Lerman Rajeev Anand Sahu Gaurav Sharma Dimitrios Sisiaridis Bojan Spasic Former members Rachel Akimana Mohammed Alarifi Mohamed Amine Youssef Malek Bechlaghem Olivier Cailloux Zhengjun Cao Emmanuel Dall'olio Abdelaziz Gaddash Nicolas Gonzalez-Deleito Suba Jarrar Steve Kremer …


Research topics Cryprographic protocols, fair exchange protocols, non-repudiation protocols, voting protocols, cryptanalysis of protocols Side channel attacks Cloud and grid security


Here is a list of subjects proposed by QualSec for Bachelor and Master Projects as well as a list of topics for Master Thesis. We also encourage students to come up with their own ideas, especially for Master Thesis topics. If you have an idea you can always contact us and we will discuss it. …


From time to time QualSec organises events such as workshops, all-day seminars and conferences related to computer security. Here is a list of events organized by our group.


    Postal address   Université Libre de Bruxelles   Service QualSec   Computer Science Department   Boulevard du Triomphe – CP212   1050 Brussels   Belgique     Access   Université Libre de Bruxelles   Service QualSec   Boulevard du Triomphe   Campus de la Plaine (access 2)   NO Building - 8th floor   How to get to the campus by: car plane public transport (map) For all …