May 23

Seminar: Frédéric LAFITTE “Differential properties of ARX ciphers with CryptoSAT” (May 23, 2018)

May 23, 2018 – 12.30 – room P.2NO8.08

Speaker: Frédéric LAFITTE (ULB)

Title: “Differential properties of ARX ciphers with CryptoSAT”
Short abstract: “This seminar focuses on symmetric key primitives of the ARX family. The cryptographic strength of ARX primitives comes from the combination of incompatible operators: modular addition, rotation with constant amplitude, and bit-wise exclusive OR. Despite their popularity, the resistance of ARX primitives against differential cryptanalysis is not as well understood as that of other ciphers for which design strategies allow to bound the probability of a successful attack. We show that CryptoSAT, a tool for SAT-based cryptanalysis, can be used for the verification of differential properties of ARX ciphers without sacrificing its usability.”