Apr 18

ULB Computer Science Distinguished Lecture

Prof. Joan Daemen 

April 26, 2018 at 1:30pm – ULB Plaine – Building NO – 5th floor – Solvay Room 

Column-parity mixing layers in cryptography

Mixing layers, such as MixColumns in the AES, are an essential ingredient that can be found in the round function of most modern block ciphers and permutations. We study a generalization of the mixing layer in Keccak-f, the permutation underlying the NIST standard SHA-3 and the authenticated encryption schemes Keyak and Ketje. We call this generalization column-parity mixing layers and investigate their algebraic and diffusion properties and implementation cost. We demonstrate their competitiveness by presenting a fully specified 256-bit permutation with strong bounds for differential and linear trails.

The speaker is hosted by the QualSec Research Group