Jun 27

Simple Power Analysis on RSA

The goal of this project was to demonstrate a side-channel attack against a simple
cryptographic protocol implemented on an embedded system. Side-channel attacks target
the implementation rather than the cryptographic algorithm and attempt to recover secret
values, such as keys, using different kinds of measurements.

This project was accomplished by Meunier Laurent, Orinx Cédric, Rigas Theofanis and Vanspouwen Tristan. Their report explains all details about this project, they also make available all the source code, so you can repeat their experiments. They have also made a short video [high quality] demonstration of their work, it quickly demonstrates what can be done using their setup. At the end their result show how easy it is to recover a secret key using simple power analysis on an unprotected device.

This project was done in 2016-17 for the course of Embedded Systems Design given by professor Gilles Geeraerts, the project was supervised by Nikita Veshchikov.