Mar 23

Seminar: Nikita Veshchikov “Use of simulators and simulations for side channel analysis” (April 11, 2016)

April 11, 2016 – 14.00 – Computer Department Seminar Room – NO Building, 8th floor, room 2N8.202 (“salle séminaire”)

Speaker: Nikita Veshchikov (ULB)

Title: Use of simulators and simulations for side channel analysis

Abstract: We are going give a quick overview of different types of simulators and their use in the domain of side-channel attacks. We are also going to talk about advantages, disadvantages and limitation of simulators for side-channel analysis. We will discuss how simulators might be use for analysis of crystallographic implementations from the perspective of side-channel attacks and how simulations might be used to compare and evaluate implementations. This presentation is mostly focused on simulations for software implementations, however some aspects could easily be transferred into the simulators for hardware implementations.