Jan 25

Secured RTOS, HIPPEROS as a case study

The aim of the thesis is to propose measures to introduce security in the architecture of a modern Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) in the sense of allowing Multiple Levels of Security (MILS). This means both the security of the RTOS itself related to the authentication of the kernel, updates, drivers, services, … as well as the secure management of applications (for example: registration of a new application, update and upgrade of applications and execution of applications) and the security of data inside applications. The student would study the HIPPEROS architecture and propose, based on the state-of-the-art of secure operating systems, how to smoothly integrate such an architecture in the existing development process of HIPPEROS. The study would allow developers to implement practically and easily the proposed architecture in the operating system.

One of the challenges is to define a predictable real-time architecture. An interesting aspect of the proposed work is to deal with different domains of computer sciences: operating systems, real-time and security.


Contacts: Olivier Markowitch and Joël Goossens