Jun 27

Sean-Der/fail2web · GitHub

a fail2ban GUI powered by fail2rest


fail2web is a fail2ban GUI that communicates with a fail2ban instance via fail2rest

fail2ban allows you to administer the following

  • Failregex – Delete and add new failregexes
  • Banned IPs – Ban and Unban IP address
  • Per Jail Config – Configure find time, max retry and usedns per jail, and view the filelist per jail

with the following features planned in the future

  • Reporting – Expose the time that an IP address was banned, and show trends via visualizations
  • Alerting – Desktop notification when an IP address is banned
  • Regex Testing – Testing ignore+fail regexes on your current logs to quickly build and debug regexes
  • More Jail Controls – Create new jails and expose more settings for current jails

via Sean-Der/fail2web · GitHub.