Jan 04

Le jour où on m’a demandé de supprimer un article

Le jour où on m’a demandé de supprimer un article.

Yet another reminder that privacy is important and that security research to enhance and provide privacy to the users are essential!

Privacy has to be protected, even and foremost for honest people.

You’ll always hear people saying “if you have nothing to hide, then what’s the issue?” or “only dishonest people have something to hide” or “if you have something to hide, that means that you do not have a clear conscience” (“si tu n’as rien à te reprocher”).

As shown here, being honest has nothing to do with the need of anonimity. The author in that article was  shown to be innocent. Nonetheless, he suffered emotional damage (fear, …), had to invest a lot of time and resources (contact lawyers, associations, …) to protect himself from an agression (potential threats, …).

As mentioned by this lawyer: “Do not believe innocence to be an armor”. Therefore, in this age of information going literally out of control (i.e. it is each day more difficult to control information regarding your person, your activities, …), it is essential to provide that armor to the citizens to protect their legal rights when their innocence will fail to do so.