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For Your Eyes Only: Privacy, Empowerment and Technology in the Context of Online Social Networks.

For Your Eyes Only: Privacy, Empowerment and Technology in the Context of Online Social Networks.

International Conference on Privacy, Empowerment and Technology in the context of Online Social Networks

29  and 30 of November, 2012 <>

Venue: The Egg, Barastraat 175, Brussels, Belgium

We warmly welcome you at the “For Your Eyes Only” International Conference on Privacy, Empowerment and Technology in the context of Online Social Networks in Brussels on 29. and 30. November 2012.

In the last decade, Online Social Networks started to play an increasingly important role in our communications. User privacy and security are two of the friction points that emerge when communications get mediated in Online Social Networks (OSNs). At the For Your Eyes Only Conference, young and senior academics will convene to discuss privacy and security in Online Social Networks. This will be a discussion that crosses disciplinary boundaries as well as those of communities of practice. We will approach the issues raised from legal, technical, social, and economic perspectives, and, will discuss consequences of our findings for regulation, education and systems design in six panels.

Specifically, on the first conference day participants will focus on the privacy pitfalls for social media users. These include the commodification of their personal data, uninformed consent strategies, the right to privacy, the protection of personal data and the (absence of a) right to be forgotten. Opportunities and risks related to minors on OSNs will also be discussed from various perspectives. For each topic, regulatory challenges will be identified.

On the second day of the conference socio-technical solutions as well as the responsibilization of users with respect to privacy are central to the debate. Participants will discuss how privacy and security can be integrated into design from the early conception of systems, look at nudging as a design strategy, and present concrete proposals for improving the privacy and security infrastructures of online social networks.

We expect an audience of academics, public organizations, companies, members of NGO’s as well as governments, artists, activists, designers and developers. Together we aspire to generate visions for Online Social Networks in which privacy, security, and other user rights, needs and practices are accommodated.

The entrance fee is €89 for both days, or €49 for a single day.

We are offering a limited number of scholarships to cover conference registration for those prospective participants (especially developers, activists and artists) without sufficient institutional or financial support. If you wish to apply for one of these, please describe your project and affiliations (500-700 words). Allocation to these strictly limited places will be based on the quality of the project description and the scholarships will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please contact Seda Gürses at <> for further details.

The conference is organized by the interdisciplinary research consortia EMSOC [ <>] and SPION [ <>]. They are both IWT Strategic Basic Research projects and are involved in IBBT research groups. This conference is an event also associated with the Unlike Us network [].