Aug 16

International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security

International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security


Call for Papers:

Prospective authors are invited to submit journal papers relevant to the following special issues.

Special Topics:  

(1) Computer Science
(2) Communication Network
(3) Information Security.

Papers must be received by the IJCSNS Editorial Board no later than August 25, 2012. We have an outstanding international Editorial Staffs and have worked hard to produce excellent issues. Your subscription will significantly help us to build a great international IJCSNS publication during the August issues.

Within ten days, the submitted paper will be evaluated through e-mail by three anonymous reviewers and decided whether it is accepted, or not. We hope to publish your paper up to August 30, 2012. I will try to publish your paper during the IJCSNS May issues.   

The subscription (MS word) sample form is attached within Please submit your paper into (MS word file-doc). Thank you for your contributions.