Apr 21

Communications and Network

Invitation to submit a manuscript to the Communications and Network, a fast track peer-reviewed and open access academic journal, which is published by Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP). As it is an open access journal, researchers around the world are able to freely download our papers online without a subscription. Now, more and more scholars are paying close attention to the CN journal. The Editorial Board of CN consists of distinguished scientists from around the world, to view a list of the journal’s editors please visit www.scirp.org/journal/cn.


Aims & Scope of the journal include:

  • Algorithms and Programs
  • Applications and Value-Added Services
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Communication Protocols
  • Complexity
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Cooperative Communications
  • Data and Information Security
  • Error Correcting Codes
  • Fading/Equalization
  • Green Technology
  • Hardware and Software System Architecture
  • High Performance Computing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing
  • Internet/Intranet Protocols
  • Internet/Intranet Services
  • Location Based Services
  • Mobile and Portable Communications Systems
  • Mobile Computing Systems
  • Mobility Networks and Protocols
  • Modulation/Signal Design
  • Multi Antenna/User Systems
  • Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks
  • Network Protocol, QoS and Congestion Control
  • Operations and Management
  • Optical Communications
  • Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Self-Stabilization, Autonomic Computing
  • Simulation/Analytical Evaluation of Communication Systems
  • Source Coding/Data Compression
  • Switching and Routing
  • Synchronization
  • Shared and Transactional Memory, Synchronization Protocols, Concurrent Programming
  • Traffic Diagnosis
  • Transmission and Access Systems
  • Wired and Wireless Integration
  • Wireless Network Design and Performance Evaluation

Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal online at Paper Submission or cn@scirp.org. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will undergo language copyediting, typesetting, and reference validation in order to provide the highest publication quality possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the journal.

Best regards,

Prof. Hamed Al-Raweshidy
Editor in Chief

Editorial Office
Communications and Network
Scientific Research Publishing